Can Evaporative Cools Be As Effective As Air Conditioners?

You’re not the only one asking this question. Air coolers are usually cheaper than air conditioners and more portable. You don’t even need to install them. However, if you need ice, ice is what you want.

After reading this article, you should now have a better understanding of the differences between air cooler vs air conditioner.

What is an Evaporative Cooler?

Evaporative coolers (also known as personal or swamp coolers) are different from regular air conditioners.

An air conditioner has a mechanical compressor as its heart, portable and split systems. A compressor is responsible for pushing warm air into a coil. Thanks to the liquid refrigerant in the coils, this warm air can be turned into cold air. The air becomes easy-breezy cool when it is pushed back into the room.

On the other hand, an evaporative cooler doesn’t use a compressor or a refrigerant. Instead, it uses four elements: Water and cooling pads, a fan, and a water pump.

These coolers include an in-built water reservoir which you’ll need to fill before the unit can be turned on. Once turned on, warm dry air is pulled into the cooler. It then passes over water-soaked cooling pads.

The pads’ water evaporates as a result of the warmth. The water that evaporates creates cooler air, which can be pushed back into the room using a fan.

You can feel the cooling effect by standing near a waterfall or jumping into a pool, feeling the chill in the air as it dries your skin.

Air Conditioners Are Less Powerful Than Air Coolers

This is an important fact. Air coolers use an outdated method of evaporation for cooling a space. However, they lack the effectiveness of modern-day air conditioners.

If you are looking for that refreshing blast of cool air after a long day, the evaporative cooler does not have a compressor or refrigerant.

Evaporative coolers are capable of cooling the air up to 1 degree. You can add ice to some models, but this doesn’t seem to increase the temperature.

However, portable evaporative coolers are very popular. Evaporative coolers are much more affordable than portable ACs that are powered by compressors. If you are looking to beat the heat, these low prices and the temptation to buy an air conditioner might make it tempting to go to a radio or infomercial to learn more.

What Are The Benefits of Evaporative Cool?

According to manufacturers, you may find a situation where an air conditioner will work. These are not the most common situations. For the boxes to be ticked, there will need to be a certain climate, room, and distance from your unit.

Air coolers work best in dry, hot environments with low humidity. To prevent mildew or condensation from forming, it is important to keep windows and doors open.

You’ll notice cooling effects more if you have less space. Evaporative coolers work best as space coolers, but only one or two people at most. It is important to sit near them like a fan. They do not like air circulating around the room.

Your energy bills will be lower. Swamp coolers will be more energy efficient than an average air conditioner. They draw very little power, usually between 200-400 watts. It can be difficult to compare the power draw between portable ACs and evaporative coolers. However, swamp coolers are far more affordable to operate than conventional air conditioners because they are so simple to use.