Tips to Run an Effective Facebook Advertising Campaign on a Small Budget

Facebook marketing is something that you must incorporate in your marketing scheme to get assured success in your business. Facebook has an active pool of 2.7 billion active users per day. These users must be used to advertise your product and services. When performed with the right strategy, Facebook Ads can quickly increase your revenue by manifolds.

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Benefits of marketing on Facebook

Today, everyone is on Facebook. An average user spends 2.5 hours on Facebook every day. This proves that Facebook marketing cannot be missed. Another reason which makes Facebook marketing indispensable is the cost of running a Facebook Ads campaign which is very less. You can practically target millions for a fraction of cost.

Besides that, if you target an audience in posts, you can be marketing for free. Facebook also hosts a huge amount of user data which can be used for detailed and precise targeting of the audience.

How to run an advertisement on small budget- 

1- Make a budget and stick to it- your Facebook marketing starts from formulating a budget and then, never breaching it. You would never like the feeling you get after overspending. Facebook allows you to set a lifetime budget i.e., it allows you to spend some specific dollars for the rest of the life of the ad. The budget is of 2 types:

  1. Daily Budget- that’s the average amount of money spent each day on a particular ad campaign.
  2. Total Budget- Total budget refers to the final amount which you are ready and willing to spend on the running of an ad until it ceases to run.

2- Distribution of budgets in different ads- your budget must be divided for different types of Ads. The types of Ads can be categorized into:

  1. Offer promotion- this must comprise 60% of your ad budget. In these ads, you straight away focus on promoting the products and services.
  2. Audience building- these ads help you focus on creating a brand image that helps in the long run by educating the audience about your brand. 20% of your total budget must be spent on such ads.

III. Retargeting- pitching to the customers who have already been exposed to your services is an excellent strategy in marketing because they are already aware of your brand and they trust the brand to an extent. 20% of your budget must be spent on retargeting the audience.

3- Determine the Right Audience- Facebook is a host to billions of users. Not every one of these billions is an appropriate audience to the services that you provide. You must narrow down your approach by focusing only on the relevant audience. Facebook offers you a battery of filters like location, gender, etc by which you can filter the audience.

After recognizing the real audience, you must create ads and content which is most plausible to them and which is more likely to generate their interest.

4- Create effective Ads- After earmarking the ideal audience, and you must ads which suit their whims. An ad that has a very attractive title and a creative body is most likely to generate users’ interest. You must create multiple copies of ads with different titles and bodies and then test them.

Always incorporate relevant images in your ad which are unique and deliver the idea of your services.

5- Boost posts- if you think that you have created a strong post that will be relevant to a lot of audiences, you must boost the post. Set a 1$ per day budget for these boosted posts.

6- Identify the ideal ad and replicate- once you have garnered sufficient campaigns on Facebook, you will have gained a good amount of experience as to what works for you and what doesn’t. Analyse the ads with the highest leads and then replicate their structure.


Even small budget on Facebook can earn you ground-breaking returns only if you get the right strategy in place.